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Bosal Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters reduce the amounts of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen from being emitted at dangerous levels to the environment. This functionality makes the catalytic converter the best companion of anyone who is interested in making sure that their cars are not going against acceptable provisions for toxic gas emission. It is good to remember that you get better tax benefits for installing a converter on your vehicle especially if it is an older model.

Bosal catalytic converters have so much in store. The first thing that the manufacturer claims is that they are meant to break down these gases up to the near ideal values in effectiveness. The technology that got employed in making this catalyst converter is advanced to the company.

Bosal Catalytic converters Bosal Catalytic converters

The best thing about these catalytic converters is the availability for many OEMs. All the major car brands have their version customized to suit all the OEM specifications. In the end, you are getting a very efficient and effective catalytic converter. The converters are also claimed to last longer than others by giving better resistance to degradation. It features a grade 16 tubing made of aluminum to achieve that goal.

The Bosal converter too comes as one piece model and makes it easy to install. This saves one a lot of money and time when you are trying to install one on your car. It is an excellent choice too for the many people who just do not want any other person making changes to their car parts without proper monitoring.

There is a wide availability of the Bosal branded catalytic converters and it is not a big hassle to obtain one for your car. The good news is that it arrives really fast if you buy these items from the right stores online.

Information from: BUYcarparts.co.uk

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Mapco Coil Spring

The coil spring helps in the stability of the vehicle during movement. A car with a faulty coil spring will tilt to one side whiles in motion. A Mapco Coil Spring is available for replacing spoilt spring coils to make vehicles safe. The coil spring absorbs the weight on the car wheels, keeping them in a balance. If however a lot of weight is placed on cars with malfunctioning coil spring, the care tilts towards one side.

Good quality cars with damaged coil springs are very unstable can easily tilt over with a slightest push to the side. If for instance another vehicle hits the side of the vehicle with the faulty coil spring, it can easily topple over to that side. The driver of a vehicle with a faulty coil spring would have a hard time controlling the direction of the vehicle.

Mapco Coil Spring Mapco Coil Spring

When you see your vehicle sagging more than usual, it is about time to get Mapco Coil Spring replacement for your coil springs because they might be giving up on the car. Also, if the coil spring is working well, most of the weight is kept off the wheels and tyres. If however the springs are not working well, then the tyres would wear out frequently. Getting Mapco Coil Spring would therefore save a lot of money that would be used to replace frequent worn out tyres.

When on a bumpy road, Mapco Coil Spring would provide a smooth ride and you may not feel the full effect of the bumpy nature of the road. Cars with faulty coil springs make a lot of screeching noises because of the up and down bounce. Mapco Coil Spring provides resistance against compressing forces which put pressure on the lower components of the vehicle.

Mapco Coil Spring improves the balance and weight tolerance of your car and hence improves the overall safety. This prolongs the lifespan of your car.

Info: www.onlinecarparts.co.uk

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Several Automobiles Win Awards for Their Categories

KBB, or Kelley Blue Book, is known for its superior ability to expatiate on different vehicles from pick-up trucks to minivans. Recently, KBB hosted its annual event. The Kelley Blue Book: 2015 BEST BUY AWARDS began with the intention to award several different automobiles based on their amazing capabilities in various categories. Out of the 300 car models, 49 finalists were narrowed down to the 12 categories prior to announcing the official winners. The expert editors of Kelley Blue Book looked at every specification and tried each vehicle before making their ultimate determination.

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Car Photography Simon Davidson

You will not believe but Simon Davidson actually started as a fashion photographer. However, suddenly a street drag racing has changed the direction of his work. Since then he has been photographing Australian custom car culture as a personal endeavor. The result is an absolutely brilliant insight of the petrol heads from Down Under. I really love his “Burnouts” series a lot, make sure to check out his great work.

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Infiniti Emerg-E

Infiniti continues to openly toy with the idea of producing a racy luxury sports coupes, following on the heels of 2009’s Geneva Motor Show star, the Essence concept. This year, Infiniti has gone in a more overtly sporting direction with this hot little number, the Emerg-E.

Fortunately, this coupe’s styling isn’t as contrived as its name suggests thanks to a rakish form that comes across as more of a supercar than the Essence’s large-scale grand touring aesthetic. The Emerg-E looks even better in person than in photos, with an organic quality to the flowing lines that’s nicely emphasized by the car’s smoky matte finish.

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Marussia B2 – The Russian Supercar

What happens when newly-monied Russians design a super car? You get the successor to the first Russian super car, the B1. It’s the Marussia B2 and it’s got looks to shame a Ferrari Enzo and, supposedly, a 420HP Cosworth mill.

We weren’t holding out much hope for the Marussia B2, but it’s turned out to be one of the pleasant surprises of the Frankfurt Motor Show with Enzo-like looks and supposedly a 420HP Cosworth mill.

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Jaguar xkx Concept

Brothers Ali and Hussein Almossawi creators that work in the studio Skyrill, based in Manama (Bahrain) have created a great concept of Jaguar XKX. The XKX Jaguar is a new generation electric roadster, aimed at pushing both performance and power efficiency to a new level. This concept tries to revive the glorious design lines of the brand, combining fresh solutions, a unique, new aerodynamics, tailored around the electrical elements of the power system as well as cutting-edge energy feedback. One of the main challenges during the concept drafting was avoiding the heaviness associated with many of today’s muscle cars, including actual Jaguar models You can check final work on the bellow photos…


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How To Make Porsche Crests

I just love Porsche! The level of details they are providing is stunning! The finish on their car is one of the best on the market and they really do the best in order to satisfy their customers.  If you didn’t know how much they are investing in production on single car stay with us on this post. If you are ever asked yourself how Porsche Crests are made you are on the right place. Not by the machine, computers or on the producing tracks, but slowly with a just one man’s hand. Yes, you got it, they have been done by hand! Check out the post and see the step-by-step guide…

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Rocket Car RAK-2

From 1926 to 1930. Germany actively conducted experiments using jet engines. Moreover, the inventors of them predicted the widespread use in aviation and the automotive industry. Grandson of Adam Opel – Fritz von Opel (Fritz von Opel) was very enthusiastic in this matter. His first experience with rocket began with the installation on the car of the two solid rocket engineer and inventor Friedrich Wilhelm Sander (Friedrich Wilhelm Sander). The chassis for the unusual in those days the power unit used on a conventional car Opel Kleinwagen 4.
“Rocket Car” Opel on the road in Berlin in 1928.

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Cars After an Ice Storm

Big storms can cause a serious problems and damage for our cars if they are not protected or safely stored inside the garages. In today’s article you can check out what could happen to your car during the winter months and heavy Ice storm season.

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