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Top Honors of Vehicle Brands Given by Kelley Blue Book

The 2014 Best Resale Value Award Winners Announced By Kelley Blue Book are recognized for their achievements towards the auto industry. Last week, KBB (leading provider of new and used car information) chose Toyota and Lexus to receive top honors for best brand and best luxury brand. Each brand had six segment winners from a total of 22 different segments. Chevrolet received two segment awards; Honda earned three segment awards. Vehicle categories included: mid-size pickup truck, hybrid SUV/crossover, plug-in vehicle, and subcompact car. The award calculations are based off the 2014 model year vehicles that appear November/December 2013 Kelley Blue Book Residual Value Guide.

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How To Make Porsche Crests

If you asking yourself how they made Porsche Crests, heer is the answer. You probably think taht this cresrs was made by some computer, but you are wrong, it was made by this man.

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Rocket Car RAK-2

From 1926 to 1930. Germany actively conducted experiments using jet engines. Moreover, the inventors of them predicted the widespread use in aviation and the automotive industry. Grandson of Adam Opel – Fritz von Opel (Fritz von Opel) was very enthusiastic in this matter. His first experience with rocket began with the installation on the car of the two solid rocket engineer and inventor Friedrich Wilhelm Sander (Friedrich Wilhelm Sander). The chassis for the unusual in those days the power unit used on a conventional car Opel Kleinwagen 4.
“Rocket Car” Opel on the road in Berlin in 1928.

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Pimp Your Van In 2013

Maybe you’re a business that’s looking to create a whole new eye catching business vehicle, or maybe you’re an individual who’s looking to give their van a new unique look to reflect their personality. Whatever the reason is, pimping your van will not only get you more attention, but it can also increase business and brand recognition (if you’re into that sort of thing).  Every van overhaul begins with:

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London to Brighton Veteran Car Rally

Have a Go! If you think you’re veteran enough

How many pre 1905 manufactured vehicles do you see on the road every month, or even every year? You might get a glimpse at one or two if you’re lucky, and even then you can’t be sure the cars you saw are that old.

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The Best German Car Models for 2013

Do you have a need for speed and dreamed of going around the Autobahn? Or maybe you just require some classic world class luxury when it comes to German car ingenuity? Look no further because these are easily attainable if you have the eye for detail and style and of course, if you have a hefty bank account as well. Germany is known for its automobile manufacturers that are world class; manufacturers that include Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche. Collecting cars is obviously a favorite hobby of many celebrities, athletes and sports celebrities that include poker players who are raking in the cash.

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American Trucks

Trucks that is what is always interesting to consider. Especially in America, where a lot of them and they are all different. Today a selection of vehicles from the New York streets.

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Against the Terrain: Dune Buggy Fun

Over 60 years ago,  In many parts of the country including Nevada and California, dune buggy racing is one of the top activities when living near the sand. There are hundreds of models of dune buggies to look at. Each with similar components, but differences such as color, speed, and other variables come into play. There is more to it than just riding around against the terrain. One should learn about some of its history as well as how dune buggy racing takes place today.

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Men Admit Hiring Fancy Cars to Impress Dates

Most women are likely to be impressed by a guy who drives a flash car, in much the same way as we are likely to turn down a second date with a man who drives a clapped out rust bucket. Yes, a flash car screams “success” and therefore implies that the owner is ambitious, wealthy, and a very good catch. Unfortunately, according to recent research, 40% of men have admitted to hiring or borrowing a fancy car, just to impress a date.

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Cars After an Ice Storm

 Big storm can make some big problems for our cars if they don’t have garage. This several big storms has made big damage to these cars and repair will be very expensive. When the storm is near, it’s very important to take your cars in safe place for that time.

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